Broadway UMC
120 Church Ave. SE
New Phila. OH. 44663
(330) 339-1082

Easter Sunday
with Praise hymns & Wesleyan Choir
10:45am C
Today's music with
 Live Band

9:45am Sunday school
(something for everyone)

Job Posting for Children's Ministries & Christian Education

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2015 Bible Reading Plan

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Wesleyan Choir
Holy Spirit, Reign Down

Statement of Faith
Broadway exists to Love God,
Love People and Foster Disciples
of Jesus

Broadway United Methodist Church
8:30am Traditional Worship with Praise hymns and Wesleyan choir
9:45am Sunday school
(Classes for every age)
10:45am Contemporary Worship  today's music with live band

We're in worship to open our hearts, share our praise and love for God, and offer ourselves. And, in the same way, God is not up there in heaven watching us. God participates in worship. Where two or three are gathered in His name, Jesus comes to be in our midst. The Spirit speaks and touches us with the love of Christ.  Worship is a time we spend with Jesus where his love touches the struggles of our lives and the depths of our hearts.  God can't wait to come and bless us.
In the amazing way God has with his love, this worship is for us and for others.  Our worship is for those who are here, and, in a way we don't understand for people in the community who are not here.  Our worship is for people who have been praying all their lives and people who don't know how to pray, for people who know why they came here and people who are drawn here but don't even know why they've come. 
If Jesus draws you here, we pray you will experience God touching your life, forgiving the things you're ashamed of, setting you free from stress and burdens, and bringing you healing and peace.