The Gideons – Distributing God’s Word Every Minute (

Broadway’s Mission of the Month for May is The Gideons International. Broadway not only has supported Scripture distributions through The Gideons for years, but actually supplies Gideons, too. Currently Jeff Reiser, Bob/Donna Allison, Dale/Judy Fincher, Tim Roth, Bob Hile, Lois Jarvis, Dave/Marcia Taylor, and Don/Kathy Gibson are members of the Tuscarawas County Camp. There are 262 thousand Gideons and Auxiliary members (wives of Gideons). Gideons are in every state and in 200 countries, and distribute 1 million copies of the Scrip­tures every five days worldwide. The mission-to win men, women, boys and girls to a knowledge of Jesus Christ. How? Primarily through distributing God’s Word. Learn more at the Gideon website shown above.

Three examples: Locally, Gideons are re-stocking Bibles at Union Hospital and Trinity Twin City, as well as attorney’s offices county-wide. Hotels, school distributions, nursing homes, doctors offices, medical personnel and Kent State-Tusc. are being updated this year. Locally, we will have distributed nearly 2,000 copies. In April, the city of Cincinnati received over 200 thousand copies in a city wide blitz of all distribution avenues. Likewise in Kenya, Africa. Our mission gift purchases Bibles for local and worldwide distributions. Below is a testimony of someone who received a Gideon testament from a Gideon in a restaurant in Monroe County, Mississippi. More testimonies (written and videos, on the Gideon website).

Two Waiters, One Request
It was a busy afternoon at a restaurant, and the wait staff was shorthanded. My husband and I asked our server, Jessie, if we could pray for him about anything. He responded that he was having the best day since he had started working there, and us asking to pray for him was the highlight.

Then, a waitress who seemed very upset, Leann, interrupted us, and Jessie had to leave. A little later, Leann came back by our table, and I asked her if she was having a bad day. She responded that a previous customer had been extremely impolite to her. I told her we would pray that she had no more rude customers and that the Lord would bless her work.

While we were eating, she dropped what I thought was our ticket on the table. I picked it up and found she had written a note. She explained her 2-year-old daughter had a respiratory virus, and she had been up all night taking care of her. She works two jobs and has had a series of problems at home. No one had ever asked if could they pray for her, and she recognized our simple request to pray for her as a comforting message from God.

Later, I had the opportunity to give both Jessie and Leann a New Testament, share with them how much God loves them, and told them I would continue to pray for them.
The Lord knows each person’s needs, and He lets us know He hears our cries!
If after prayer you are led to support this project, you may designate your giving by putting the amount on the month mission line on your tithing envelope.