Broadway’s “GIVE ONLINE” How easy is it? REALLY EASY!

Broadway’s “GIVE ONLINE” How easy is it? REALLY EASY!

Just 5 minutes … depending on how fast you can type!

In September I set up my online giving thru Broadway’s website (broadway-umc.org). I could choose from weekly, monthly or a one-time donation. I chose monthly because our family is on a fixed income. I entered my name, address, what I was giving each month, when I wanted the donation taken from my account, and my banking information. I could have chosen to use my credit card.

I was able to divide my donation for General Funds, the Mission of the Month, and the Capital Improvement Fund. This month there is even the special Mission envelope line, Red Bird Mission. Each month the mission changes and so do the special envelope projects. There is an open line for any special that I wanted to give funds. I could specify where the funds were to go on the line beside the amount I designated!

At the end I saved all my information and I received a confirmation that I had signed up and a receipt with my donation for September on it! Now, I don’t have to write a check (unless I want to!) or go online to make another donation, it does it automatically! I can even make changes to any information or funds any time I want!
“Give Online” Authorization Forms are in the Narthex if you would like the church to enter your information for you. Or, add our QR to your phone!!