The Finance Committee wants to clarify the purpose and use of our new designation lines on our 2016 offering envelopes.

Broadway Church continues to practice sound stewardship in receiving, managing, and spending funds given as tithes and offerings. Accordingly, we want to manage finances effectively and efficiently as we work together in accomplishing Broadway’s mission.

Towards this end, your Finance Committee recognized an opportunity to streamline our accounting process, which reduces costs and simplifies weekly, monthly and annual accounting procedures.

What did we change? We merged our Current Expenses, Missions and Building Fund from three accounts into one General Fund. Accordingly, we re-labeled the line item categories on the envelopes to reflect that. Now, a gift marked under “General Fund” covers everything on Broadway’s annual budget. A gift marked “Monthly Missions” supports Broadway’s announced monthly mission projects. A gift to either of the other two lines supports Broadway’s non-budgeted ongoing accounts such as a Sunday School class fund or a
short-term need such as the sanctuary renovation or the projector fund. Please write which fund you are supporting along with your designated gift amount on the line on your envelope. Thank you!

Below is a list of the advantages:

  • One General Fund instead of three separate accounts eliminates the need for multiple checking accounts and the expenses that go with them.
  • One account allows June to pay a monthly invoice without writing multiple checks. For instance, at Lowe’s and other stores, there may be purchases during the month for building fund, AV, and others. Up until this change, June would have needed to write a separate check from each account in order to pay one single monthly invoice. Now she can write one check and still charge each item against its own budgeted Broadway account.
  • The additional lines on the envelope make it easier to designate your gift for special or non-budgeted items whether on a regular or on a one-time occasion.

If you have any questions regarding the envelopes please do not hesitate to call me. Thank you for financially supporting Broadway Church, along with your time in various ministries. Praise God for His faithfulness!

Marlene Miller
Chairman, Finance Committee
Cell: 330-260-6816