Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean that Broadway is a United Methodist Church?

It simply means that we are part of the world-wide United Methodist Church. About 40% of United Methodists today are in Africa and the Global South, and there are believers in countries around the world. We organize for ministry according to standards agreed upon in our denomination and our pastors are appointed to serve in individual churches by the local Bishop.

The Bible seems to be a high priority around Broadway, Why is that?

Although it shouldnt be a surprise that a church emphasizes the Bible, we spend a lot of time teaching and preaching from it. The Bible points the way to salvation, gives us instruction on right and wrong, teaches how to order our lives together, and also guides our spiritual path. We believe a properly grounded human life needs the authority of scripture for a fully flourishing life.

Preaching seems to be another high priority around Broadway, Why is that?

Our life together in faith has taught us that lives are transformed when the Word of God is preached and invitations are made to the hearers to put their faith in Christ, and for all believers to recommit their lives in meaningful ways. Our worship service is therefore arranged to give the sermon a high priority.

I have heard about divisions in The United Methodist Church. What about that?

You heard correctly. The UMC is currently suffering from divisions related to human sexuality. Our church works with the Wesleyan Covenant Association to uphold a traditional, biblical understanding of sexual morality and the sacredness of marriage. This church will remain faithful to biblical teaching on these issues.

What is your policy on Marriage?

You must be a member of Broadway United Methodist Church or currently attending; or someone in your family is a member or attends the church. All couples share in pre-marital counseling with the pastor, which includes planning the wedding and discussing matters of faith and Bible-guided married life. The UMC does not permit same-gender weddings in our churches. Contact the church office to schedule a consultation and confirm date availability.

Broadway recently had a pastoral change, will there be another?

Appointments are made for reasons serving the mission of the church. Pastor Harley served nine years at his former church, in Minerva, Ohio, and 11 years at the church before that and is very excited to be at Broadway.

Does Broadway support missions?

Yes! We support outreach in our own community and around the world. We support Missionaries, the Local Food Pantry, the Salvation Army, Harbor House, help for disadvantaged schoolchildren, and we advocate for protections for victims of human trafficking and for legal protections for unborn life. We also have sent mission teams to Haiti.

How often do you partake in holy communion?

We partake of communion six times per year.

Does this church have leadership group meetings?

Yes! We have meetings to share new ideas, make sure our funds are spent responsibly, and to hear how our work has been progressing. Meetings are not a bad thing, they keep the leadership accountable and make sure that what the church does is well-known and transparent.

Can women serve in leadership here or be ordained as pastors?

Yes, the Wesleyan tradition has always recognized the leadership role of women.

How do I find or contact the church?

The church is located at 120 Church Ave. SE, New Philadelphia, Ohio 44663. You can call 330-339-1082 or send us an email.

Is the pastor accessible and how do I contact him?

Pastor Harley Wheeler can be reached at our church office at 330-339-1082 or go to our contact us page.

Will I understand the message, even if I don't know much about the Bible?

Yes, messages are given in terms most people understand. And frankly, the solution for difficult concepts in the Bible is further study. Questions, after the service or later in the week, are welcome.

What if I come from a different faith background?

You would be in good company, many of our people come from different churches or no church at all. Come and work on your own questions alongside us.

Do I have to dress up when I come to church?

You don’t have to dress up for church, God doesn’t require it.

What types of services do you have?

We have two services on Sundays. There is an 8:15 worship service with traditional church music and the Wesleyan Choir sings. There is also a 10:45 contemporary service with music by our Praise team.

Is there something for the kids?

Yes, we have Sunday School for all ages. Junior Church is Nursery to 5th Grade during the 10:45 service. Weekly group activities for children and youth are also held.

Do you expect everyone to give an offering or tithe?

Your generosity funds the ministry of Broadway Church, both locally and around the world. The Bible teaches that tithing is important, and that God loves a cheerful giver. And while its important to give your time and your talents by doing things like serving at a local food bank or knitting a blanket for a homebound neighbor, the word tithing refers to giving money. No financial income reporting is required to attend or become a member of our church.

What if I'm not even sure I believe in God?

You are welcome here. We ask that you come and listen, inquire more, and get your questions answered. This is the most important question there is, and the Christian faith can point you to the Truth.

How do I get involved?

It is easy to be involved in ongoing community projects such as helping at the Dover-New Philadelphia Food Pantry and the Salvation Army. You are invited to participate in any of our church activities. Contact the church office for more details or visit our website.

How are church leaders chosen?

We annually nominate leaders for various roles and these are voted on by members at a Church Conference.

How are finances handled?

Good Question! Donated money is counted by the Accounting Team, donations are recorded by a Financial Secretary and bills are paid by the Church Treasurer.  An audit is performed annually on our finances.

Is the Bible taught accurately?

Yes. Attention is paid to the words of scripture and also to the Greek and Hebrew language in which it was originally written. There are always going to be points of interpretation upon which people of goodwill may differ, but the plain sense of the scripture is easy to discover.

Who goes to your church?

The people coming to our church look a lot like the community of Tuscarawas County. There are people with a wide range of jobs and incomes. We have a healthy mix of all ages and genders.

Can a visitor take communion?

Yes. We believe in open communion – that means that anyone who believes in Jesus Christ is welcome to take communion, whether they are a church member or not.

What About Pandemic Restrictions?

Currently, we are holding in-person worship with social-distancing requirements. We also have complied with the Governors order to wear face masks in public settings.

What kind of adult education/spiritual growth opportunities do you offer?

Broadway Church offers a variety of opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship outside of Sunday morning through Bible Study and groups. We have three weekly Bible Studies – Tuesdays 9am, Wednesdays 6:15pm and Virtual Bible Study Thursdays at 10am. Adults have their choice of about three different Sunday School classes to join each week at 9:45 a.m. The classes vary in size, format and the age of their members but all are glad to have guests join them.

If you have a question that does not appear on this list, please contact us and let us know how we may help you.