January Mission of the Month – Good Samaritan Fund

January Mission of the Month – Good Samaritan Fund

The monthly mission of the month is the Good Samaritan Fund. One of the responsibilities of the church secretary is to administer Broadway’s Good Samaritan Fund.

The Good Samaritan Fund provides assistance for short-term, emergency situations. We help with assistance to those living in Tuscarawas County and our congregation in outlying areas. We help with rent and utilities. We consider how many are in the family and other available assets in making determination regarding assistance levels. We give assistance only once a year.

All Good Samaritan information is strictly confidential.

The church office contacts the Salvation Army and T-4-C for more information to validate the applicant’s situation.

If the applicant has started a new job, we check with their employer for verification.

Anyone asking for food is referred to the Dover/New Phila Food pantry and/or Friends of the Homeless.

We also work with our local Compass Rape Crisis Center. We assist women and children who have been in abusive situations to live in a healthy environment.

Good Sam is always here to any of our Broadway family who needs assistance and it is always given in a confidential manner.

Thank you, Broadway Church, for entrusting me as I prayerfully minister to those in need in the name of Jesus. Please designate gifts to this mission by writing “Good Sam” on your tithing envelove.

Amazed by His Love!
Tammy Beavers