KlDS IN CHURCH – Pastor’s Perspectives

KlDS IN CHURCH – Pastor’s Perspectives

“Let the children come to me, Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” (Mark 10: 14 NLT).

I’ve heard some say that we need more kids here at church. We do. God uses kids to bring life to congregations. They help keep us from getting too stuffy and staid. It’s pretty difficult to treat the church building like a museum when Cheerios are on the floor, pictures are drawn on offering envelopes, and the periodic scream rings out from the education wing — Praise God!

Besides that, a family that does not keep having children, and we are a family, will eventually die out. According to 2 Timothy 2:2, God has given us the re­sponsibility to raise up witnesses, who will pass the Good News on to the next genera­tion. Try doing that without children.

Yes, we need more kids around here, and there are many more reasons why they are beneficial to us, the Church, and the ministry. But that’s not the crucial motivation for drawing more kids to the church. We should be bringing more kids into the Church because there are so many of them out there who need Jesus Christ.

Families are having more troubles now than ever before. Divorce, single parents, both parents working, too many activities, Hollywood morals and ethics, parents and grandparents without any church history, too much screen time, lack of godly exam­ples, and other factors contribute to so many kids being confused and depressed, feel­ing hopeless and rejected. Many of them think no one cares. Well, God cares! And His plan is to use us to prove it.

When we care, we go out of our way to talk with the kids at church. We make a point of learning their names. We want to hear about what interests them. We will do things for them and with them because we want to. We don’t allow kid’s immature ways to move us to avoid them. We get close enough to some to discover what may be troubling them. We pray for them. We earn the right to give them godly counsel. We lead them to Jesus. We do not stop them from coming to Jesus because of our attitudes of indifference.

When kids in church and out realize you care, they will come, no matter what kind of music we sing or how long the pastor preaches. Their greatest need, like ours, is to be loved. They need the Jesus in you.