The Water Crisis in Flint, Michigan

The residents of Flint, Michigan are facing an unprecedented water crisis as their sinks, bathtubs and water hoses have been gushing lead-contaminated water for more than a year and a half. In April, 2014, the city began tapping the polluted Flint River for water to “cut costs” instead of using Detroit’s supply from Lake Huron. Researchers confirmed last September that the residents wa­ter contained dangerous levels of lead due to pipe corrosion.

Thousands of children in Flint could potentially experience brain damage from the lead poisoning. Children exposed to lead poisoning can experience permanent damage, affecting their cognitive and physical development, leading to issues from lower IQ’s and aggression problems, to anemia and kidney dys­function.

Broadway’s Mission Committee would like to designate this water crisis in Flint, Michigan as the mission of the month for April, 2016.

Our objective will be to donate funds collected to The United Way of Gen­esee County, Michigan, who has set up a dedicated Flint Water Fund. 100 per­cent of the money donated goes to buying filters and bottled water for Flint res­idents, as well as other emergency support services and prevention efforts. (NO Administrative Fee is assessed). After the need of Flint residents has been met, any remaining funds will be directed to the First Child Health and Development Fund of the Community Foundation of Greater Flint. This fund will provide aid to children and families with interventions that support positive health out­comes.

Please pray about this mission and if you are led to support it, please mark “Flint Water” on your envelope under Monthly Missions.

Let us reach out a hand to this community and show them we love and care for them, whether with our monetary gifts or our prayers.

Thank you and God Bless!
Patty Housel, Mission Committee