Mission of the Month of December, 2015

Mission of the Month of December, 2015

“We all don’t have Bibles. We would like some help.”
-Marine stationed in the Middle East

The mission for the month of December will be collecting funds to purchase Bibles through the American Bible Society to be sent to our Armed Forces all over the world.

Every $5 we collect will help place a Bible (Good News translation) in the hands of a Service Member.
Quote from American Bible Society: “Requests for thousands of Bibles come in each month! One Marine stationed in the Middle East wrote: “We are trying to cope … lots of us are in need of a higher “inspiration”. We all don’t have Bibles. We would like some help.”

One Service Member said to his Chaplain when he finally received a Bible. The Chaplain was concerned it would be added weight to his pack.

He replied: “No. It is the Word of God. It is never too heavy.”
American Bible Society’s tradition of delivering God’s Word to American
Troops dates back to 1817. They have ministered to our Troops around the world for nearly 200 years, covering nine wars and countless military actions.

Place a Bible into the waiting hands of a soldier, sailor, marine, airman or guardsman. Take the love and care of Jesus to soldiers. Introducing them to the Jesus that love’s them.

As always, our Mission committee asks you to pray about whether you want to be a part of this project. Designate “Bible” on your tithing envelope if you would like to give to this mission. We hope we will be able to send dozens of Bibles to share God’s Word with our Troops.

Thank you and God Bless!