New Sanctuary Video Projector Needed

New Sanctuary Video Projector Needed

Our present video projector which shows words, pictures and videos on our sanctuary screen is worn out and no longer works after about nine years. We have to replace it. We obtained different prices for different projectors and selected the best value for the price that provides for our technical needs. It will cost $6,000 including hardware and installation.

Because we project a wide image with reasonable ambient light in the sanctuary during worship, a projector for our sanctuary requires a commercial unit that throws a bright image 25 feet forward to a 12 foot wide screen. The further away and the wider the image, the dimmer the brightness appears on the screen. To compensate for this, as with our present projector, we need a unit that produces a very
bright light. In our search, we found projectors with varying capabilities, many beyond three times the cost of our new selection. Technology has improved over the years so our new image should appear a little brighter than what we have been used to. Feel free to call Don Gibson (330-260-7837).

Please be in prayer over this need. We’re asking everyone to pray that our congregation will raise money to cover the cost. If you would like to designate funds for a new projector, please mark “projector or AV” on your tithing envelope. Thank you everyone for your prayers and thank you to all who contribute.