Pastor’s Corner – October

Pastor’s Corner – October

“Give Worship to God”

Some time ago in a fellowship with pastors, God reminded us that the most important reason for worship on the Lord’s Day is to give praise, thanks and adoration to Him, to give these and other sacrifices to Him. I mentioned this to the congregation at worship the fol­lowing Sunday. It’s not about you and me, it’s about God! To God be the glory!

I’ve had people tell me that Sunday worship fills them up so they can make it through the rest of the week. They must be getting very good mileage from that spiritual fill up. Scripture tells us that we need to stop for fuel, the Word of God, every day. That was the main meaning behind the Israelites having to go out and gather manna, food from Heaven, every day. God wants to give us fuel at Sunday worship but that’s not the top priority for that gathering of believers.

Since Jesus’ First Coming churches have gone through fads just like the world does. A few decades ago Merlin Carothers wrote a Book entitled, “Let me Entertain You”. He warned of the dangers in this type of worship. This fad is still spreading. Its focus is to organize wor­ship services in order to give many people what they want: a good time. They want people to go home feeling good about themselves, no matter whether they are living a holy lifestyle or not, because they enjoy the service. Now, God does want to give us joy, but not from be­ing entertained. Again, the main purpose for worship is not to come and get as much as we can out of it, but to come and give as much as we can to God, to worship Him.

There have been times when I went home after worship and told Becky that I didn’t get much out of the service. Wrong focus Mick! This is what many look for when they are shopping for a church. They want to feel good. Worship should not be structured to make us feel good. Worship should be structured to make it easy for us to give of ourselves unto God, to experience God. Whether we feel good or not, God deserves our adoration! Good wor­ship is not about being entertained or even following certain forms. It’s about pouring your heart out to Him. He wants your heart and wants you to desire His.

King David experienced God’s presence because he was after God’s heart. “I have found David the son of Jesse, a man after My heart, who will do all my will” (Acts 13:22c NAS). He had a heart that deeply desired God, and God responds to such hearts. That’s what makes worship good: when God responds to hearts truly poured out to Him.

Let’s gather together on Sundays with the main goal being to give worship to God. It’s more blessed to give! And if God responds by giving us joy or other good things, well, that’s good too.