Pew Pal System

Pew Pal System

If at church we are working to strengthen our fellow believers, where we sit becomes important because part of our work will be talking with our neighbors in the pew, welcoming people, and praying with each other. The basic idea is that every gathering of the church is an opportunity to serve others. It’s an opportuni¬≠ty to welcome a visitor, to share the Gospel with a non-Christian, to help make things happen behind the scenes, to discover and bear others’ burdens, and to stir up others to love and do good deeds (Hebrews 10:24-25).

Would you be willing to pray to see if God would lead you to become a pew pal? Pastor Mick has experienced this in his other churches. Ask him how it worked for other congregations. A pew pal is one who not only receives during worship, but gives; one who serves others with a heart for Christ. As pew pals, we engage each other and notice if someone misses church a few weeks-then reach out to them with a call or a visit. If there is a concern, a pew pal would contact the church office.

Thank you for praying about this. If you are lead to become a pew pal, please call the office at 330-339-1082.