A question like this was asked on a program I was listening to this week. I laughed as I heard the answer. “Dead guys.” The pastor said he had a heart for discipling but a lot of his learning came from extensive reading from authors like C.S. Lewis. I thought for a moment thankful of the people who had loved, mentored and showed me more fully what it means to follow Jesus. I have seen a more complete picture of the church by seeing how those in other generations lived out their faith. I long to follow God with a whole heart and learn from those who have studied, processed, and written about their walk with Jesus-especially when they lived in a different culture or time period. I’d encourage everyone to prayerfully consider what you’d like to engage your mind and heart with in the coming months. Television will be full of reruns and the weather is gonna get gorgeous! (It already is here in Ohio! ) So let’s get outside and enjoy God’s beauty …. and a great book so that we can learn from guys and gals … and I guess we’ll also read stuff by great authors that are still living too! Amazed by His Love, Tammy