“The Shepherd’s Lambs” by Donna Deedrick

“The Shepherd’s Lambs” by Donna Deedrick

“The Shepherd’s Lambs” by Donna Deedrick
‘Jesus asked Simon (Peter), “Son of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes, Lord,” Peter replied, “you know I love you.” “Then feed my lambs,” Jesus told him” (John 21:15)

Citing the compilation of the 2017 World Watch list by “Open Doors”, CEO David Curry writes that this listing means nothing, unless our hearts realize this involves real people suffering unimaginable risks and suffering for believing in and serving Jesus. Though we are unlikely to meet these brothers and sisters in Christ in our life­times, we are told in scripture to remember them in prayer (Hebrews 13:3) and support them as if it were our suffering. We must not let our hearts be hardened and unconcerned. They are being punished for serving the Lord every day, in different parts of the world. The recent issue of “Presence” (an “Open Doors” publication) speaks of North Korean, Eun Jin, who is serving a life sentence for his faith in Christ. Not only that, but his children and grandchildren are also serving life sentences because of Eun Jin’s faith! Can you even imagine your entire family would suffer for a choice you have made? This is common in North Korea yet there remains an “underground church” of believers in Jesus. Even with knowing the danger. I surely feel guilty for murmuring and complaining about minor issues in my life. We are so blessed in America, though we need to stay alert; there are-even here-groups that would like to shut us up, to limit our influence. But we can openly carry our Bibles in public without threat of being arrested, unlike in a growing number of nations. Let us stand in prayer for Jesus’s persecuted lambs, and give help to those entities reaching out to support them.

From the World Watch list 2017

6.   Syria
7.    Iraq
8.   Iran
9.    Yemen
10.  Eritrea in Africa