Spread the Word without Saying a Word!

Spread the Word without Saying a Word!

Back in 2008, an atheist in Frankenmuth, Ml, complained about 2 crosses on a bridge in town. The town removed them. But when the same person requested that the city remove a cross from the city shield that dated back to their Lutheran beginnings, residents in Frankenmuth responded by putting crosses in their front yards. Rev. Mark Brandt, lead pastor of a local church, said that the cross should be a symbol of love and unity. That it should also remind us of our responsibility to live as Christians. That was the beginning of the White Cross Movement. In 2012, Lowell Trimmer of Lancaster, OH, brought 2 of the crosses home to display in his yard. He and friends made and distributed 34,000 small white crosses to be displayed throughout the USA. At age 84, he decided it was time for others to take up the work.

The Willing Workers from the Magnolia United Methodist Church decided to take on the cross project They make small white crosses to share with other believers to place in their front yards to honor America’s Judea-Christian heritage and as a simple yet magnificent symbol of our faith in our risen Savior. It is their prayer that each cross will be able to spread the Word without saying a word! In a time when Christians are openly persecuted in different regions of the world, they want to use their freedom of religion to make a visible statement of God’s love for all.

The Pairs and Spares Sunday School Class is coordinating this project for Broad­way. If you would like to display one of these small white crosses in your front yard, (they are about 12″ tall) fill out the form that is in the Pairs and Spares mail­box by the office. The cost of these crosses is a donation. Please make your check out to Broadway UMC and put “P & S Cross” on the memo line. We will order these in bulk from the Magnolia UMC and have them here at Broadway for pick­up. Orders need to be placed by August 14th. Join the members of the Pairs and Spares Class making the small, quiet, but powerful statement that Jesus is your Savior and “In God we Trust”.