The March Mission of the Month: Kenya Kids for Christ

The March Mission of the Month: Kenya Kids for Christ

Our March mission of the month is Kenya Kids. Kenya Kids for Christ was founded in 2005 by Elly Ash of Dover, Ohio. It is a non-profit organization dedi­cated to the education of Kenyan children living in the slums of Nairobi. It is
there that Elly built a school with nothing but her own funds and faith. Elly re­sides in Kenya and has dedicated her life to the care of the children she loves in the name of Christ.

She started the ministry serving 10 students with the help of one teacher. Since then the work of the ministry has continued to grow. They have 365 stu­dents and the school continues to grow!! Elly needs to be “our boots on the ground” in Africa. Please lift a prayer for protection of the school. Prayerfully consider giving to this mission. Designate gifts to this mission by marking the amount on the Monthly Mission line on your tithing envelope.

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