The Shepherd’s Lambs

The Shepherd’s Lambs

by Donna Deedrick
“Jesus asked Simon (Peter), “So of John, do you love me more than these?” “Yes Lord” Peter replied, “you know I love, you.” “Then feed my lambs” Jesus told him. (John 21:15)

For 14 years, North Korea has ranked #1 on the “Open Doors” 2016 World Watch List as the worst
place to be a Christian. The very act of owning a Bible is punished by death.

An estimated 25% of North Korean Christians live in horrific prison camps. Many others have been tortured and killed. The remaining Christians must secret­ly hold to their faith -in some cases, even hiding it from their children, who might let it slip out to teachers, neighbors, others who would report it to the govern­ment.

In spite of all of this, the faith is growing. There is a vibrant “underground” church in the country-even within the horrific prison camps! Eujin is a secret believer who risks everything to meet in the woods secretly with other Christians to fellowship and encourage one another.

Christian mission-such as Open Doors-quietly, and at great risk, deliver Bibles, Christian literatures and desperately needed resources, reminding them other Christians care.
There is a highly secret “Underground Railroad”, which is able to help some escape to “safe houses” in nearby countries, at great risk. (Those discovered in China are promptly sent back to face terrible consequences.)
Let us surround them in prayer, love, and gifts to Christian organizations who reach out to them.
Jesus, hear the cries, see the tears, of your precious North Korean lambs.

Lift them up, strengthen and protect them. Forgive us when we take our freedom to worship you for granted, and neglect to pray for your persecuted lambs, or to give to Christian organizations that minister unto them. They are precious to you, and our Christian brothers and sisters. Bless them.