The Shepherd’s Lambs

The Shepherd’s Lambs

Jesus asked Simon (Peter), “Son, of John, do you Love me, more than these?” “Yes Lord,” Peter replied, ” you know I love you.” “Then feed my lambs,” Jesus told him. (John 21:15)

There is so much suffering, so much need in our world. In America, we still have freedom to worship. We can carry the Bible into public without being arrested, beaten, or even killed. We have a structured government (though it does not always please us!), and an abundance of food, and access to medical care. It is shocking, and unpleasant to consider the persecution, starvation, and lack of even simple med­ications. It is so much easier to avoid hearing of pain and suffering-so widespread across our world. World Vision, a Christian organization that reaches across our world to help, does what they can with the funds they receive. One of the areas they are trying to help is Burundi Africa, where people are starving and cannot afford medication.

They met Sonia in 2014, at the age of 11, when she hadn’t eaten for 3 days. Her stomach ached from hunger, and she was very weak. She had worked in a field all day long to earn four, very small potatoes. More than 750 such children are lost to hunger every day. Every 5 minutes another dies. Donai, a 35 year old mother, has already watched two of her children die. Her son, Joel, suffers from a severe type of malnutrition called kwashiorkor, which is life threatening. This disease-caused by lack of protein is highly preventable.

There are many children afflicted with terrible parasitic worms, such as 5 year old boy Justice, causing misery. This affliction is also treatable, but the families can­not afford the cheapest medications.

Thank God for organizations such as World Vision that do what they can with donations they receive.
Even if our gifts are small remember the widow’s mite presented in the Gospels of Mark 12:41-44 or Luke 21:1-4.

We always need to pray for the suffering and for the caregivers.