Upcoming Haiti Mission Trip Fundraisers

Upcoming Haiti Mission Trip Fundraisers

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go. n Joshua 1:9

Sometimes when you step out in faith, you don’t always know how it is going to turn out. Often, the process is that you hope for the best, commit it to prayer, and then … wait. During that waiting time is when I believe God works in our spirit -confirming, encouraging or settling us so that we are at peace and in alignment with His purpose.
I feel like that is where we are as a Haiti team. As we do our part in raising funds, praying, seeing who He is calling, we are in process, on a pathway to His fi­nal purpose. We don’t know exactly how He will use us, only that He is calling us to go. While we know the destination, we do not know exactly who He will bring to us, who will cross our paths according to His divine appointment, nor what im­pact we will have.

There’s excitement in that, but also uncertainty. However, we can rest in His faithfulness that He will have gone before and that He will be with us. As Joshua spied out the land and prepared to go in to conquer, he did not know what he would face or how fierce the battles would be, but God assured him -multiple
times -that He would be with him. That is all that he would need and that is all
that we will need as well.

If you are still thinking and praying about going, I encourage you to step out in faith, knowing that God will be with you and He is enough. We hope to have the team set by the end of December so we can make travel arrangements. Please let me or any of the other team members know by then.

Lotus Mccleery for the team

Thanks to the many persons who helped with the Haiti missions trip rummage sale in any way, donating baked goods, set up and arranging items and taking all the leftover items to the Domestic Violence Shelter, a Sugarcreek thrift store and Good Will. All this good work resulted in over $1800 raised! Your help was greatly appreciated! Praise God who supplies all our needs (including wonderful help).