We’re Trying Something New in Our Worship Services

We’re Trying Something New in Our Worship Services

As Pastor Mick explained at the recent Worship Committee meeting, the Temple at Jerusalem was built as a house of worship. The presence of God lives there! So pilgrims made their way to the temple while singing songs (read Psalm 120 – 134) so that they could worship God. Certain prayers and songs were done in each area of the temple moving closer and closer to the Holy of Holies. That’s like us coming to church on Sunday morning. Our Worship service should be a journey toward the presence of God. Hearing and reading the Word of God is crucial to the service Through the Word, God give s us His grace and blesses us there. Then we respond in prayer with praise or asking for forgiveness or deeper commitment, etc. Our faith is strongest when we are in the presence of God himself!

With this in mind, Sunday, October 11, our Traditional Worship service will change its format. We’ll have a Gathering of the Church beginning at 8:15 with Birthdays, Announcements, Mission Moment, Testimonies, perhaps some special music, etc. So everything that really is not a part of the actual worship experience will be over by 8:30 with the First Hymn and greeting time. With the temple model in mind, after music and offering, we’ll hear the Word from Pastor Mick with scripture and sermon. Then we’ll move to prayer, an invitation song and the Pastoral prayer which will include the reading of the Prayer Tablet. Then while we are still in an attitude of prayer, Pastor Mick will dismiss us to attend Sunday School or go out to be the Lord’s Beacon of Light in the crazy world in which we live.

The Contemporary Service will also change slightly. Gathering music will begin about 10:30 to encourage you to enter the sanctuary. The service will begin at 10:45 with praises greeting, etc. let by Susi and the Praise Team. As in the Traditional Service, the attitude of worship will become more serious with Pastor Mick’s message and scripture. The service will close with a time of prayer, quiet singing and the reading of the Prayer Tablet. These are exciting changes that should lead us into a wonderful worship experience.