Your Witness-Thanksgiving and Christmas-By Don Gibson

Your Witness-Thanksgiving and Christmas-By Don Gibson

As we progress through the Thanksgiving and Christmas season, we will hear any number of people express that they are thankful or that they “love” Christmas. These are door openers God may lead us to respond to.

If we are in the Word daily and praying that God use us to draw people to Christ (whether be­lievers or not}, God will open doors. God will engineer circumstances giving us opportunities to witness. We’ll pick up on people’s words.

Though it’s a year-round calling by God, if there’s an annual witnessing season, this is it! People refer to being thankful or to Christmas. They talk about visiting, shopping, eating-you name it. Some talk about Christ our Savior’s birth. But here’s the point-they bring it up. It’s up to us to be Spiritually ready to sense God leading us to ask them a question. Maybe like this. “Christmas is special to me, too. “What makes Christmas special to you?” Their answers are our entry point. If it’s about Christ, we’re in a chat with a fellow believer, whether we know them or not. If it’s not, the Holy Spirit gives us questions to ask. The point-get them talking so we know where to start.

Here’s a recent typical opportunity, though not season-related. A repairman for my neighbor asked if he could return for a follow-up visit on Wednesday. Ah, my witnessing entry point. I in­dicated we would need to wrap-up by 5 because I have church Bible Study soon after. I asked him if he ever attended a Bible study or worship. He no. God led me to ask further. “So do you have any kind of a relationship with God? Are you a believer in Christ?” He answered, “Well, I was saved three years ago. I attended church for a while (at a certain church}, but I got away from it. I usually have to work on Sundays.” I asked if he read the Bible. No. By then he became tearful saying he should get closer to God. This man was under conviction. The Holy Spirit led him into this dialogue. As a believer, he was starved spiritually. He agreed.

I handed him Romans 12:2 and I asked him to read it out loud. He read 11 ••• Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind … ” He looked up and agree he needed that. I gave him the Gide­on Bible app for his smart phone and he loaded it right then in my neighbor’s garage. He said he would read it everyday. I asked him about church or Bible studies Sunday evenings or week­nights. I’ll follow up with him. This man unknowingly opened the door. God led him. God led me. God leads us year-round! “The harvest truly is great, but the labourers are few: pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he would send forth labourers into his harvest.” Luke 10:2

This column repeats. Got a witnessing question or testimony to share? Call me at 330-260-7837 or email, or contact Tammy in the office.
Thank you! – Don

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